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Japanese food – a feast for the eyes
Japanese food is much more than sushi. It is the embodiment of culture and philosophy. And it's a feast for the eyes. The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) set itself the goal of introducing some very special aspects of Japanese cuisine to Germany. The initiative covers some of the most unique and beloved forms of Japanese food and delicacies.
As a German agency with Japanese roots, we effectively supported the Ministry starting with the campaign “Umai” to increase awareness of Japanese cuisine. Our keen attention to detail was just what was needed.

Bento – because food should also look good
MAFF wanted to present Japanese cuisine in Germany. It's a cuisine rich in artistic techniques of presenting foods and specialities. After all, the appearance of food is very important, and dining should also be a visual delight.

Bento – Lunch Box Reloaded
It's probably safe to say that most foodies and gourmands have sought out inspiration from Japan. It's a place where it's not just the content – food, that is – that counts. There is a lot of emphasis on health and variety. There is a lot of love put into preparation and presentation.
Bento boxes are a prime example of this. Bentos are Japanese lunch boxes, full of artistically arranged goodies, which are very popular for school, work and travel.
And if MAFF has its way, bentos will soon be the antidote to visually boring lunch breaks in Germany.

A campaign prepared with love.
The introduction of bentos in Germany had to be informative yet easy to understand, reflecting the loving artistry that goes into real bento boxes. And so we prepared all communications with bento-box inspiration, including: a special small-sized bento book with interesting and informative materials and many bento recipes, as well as a presentation on our internally designed dynamic Umai website, and even special workshops for enthusiasts on all things bento. All of this followed a simple but effective principle: prepared with love.