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History is written

DCT stands for Dual Clutch Transmission – or more commonly known – the world’s first dual clutch transmission for motorcycles. Designed by Honda, DCT enables faster, finely-tuned gear- shifting without an interruption in propulsion and without a clutch lever. Simply with the press of a button. A real revolution that Honda brought to the starting line.

Technology up close

Thanks to DCT, motorcycle drivers no longer have to shift with their left hand. To communicate this in an attention-grabbing, yet easy to understand way, we created a campaign where the “retired” clutch lever plays a leading role – as a pendant, which acts like a piece of jewelry and a relic of old times.

The revolution is only a t‑shirt away

The campaign travelled through all channels and media outlets. The core element was a specially designed website. Those who were interested learned all about DCT and could participate in a grand sweepstakes. The prize?  Of course, the limited edition DCT t‑shirt from the campaign with an image of the defunct clutch lever. And that’s how a technical revolution became the next stylish thing to wear.