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How much Type R is in you?


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Campaign microsite

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How much Type R is in you?

The Honda Type R community in Germany is particularly active and connected with the product. But how do we show – and use – this enthusiasm for the market launch of the new Honda Civic Type R? By initiating an entertaining and interactive campaign that empowers fans to create a characteristic sound for the product – inspired by its very name.

A real street racecar

The Honda Civic Type R is a “racecar for the streets” – a very special car with limited availability in Germany. For its launch in the German market, Honda wanted to carry out an exciting and inspiring campaign. The goal: to get the launch noticed by a very special target group – and at the same time to celebrate the Type R driver as a real brand ambassador.


We couldn’t get over its name: “Type R”. Should it be pronounced like in English or German? How do the drivers in Germany pronounce their darling’s name? One colleague rolled the R so nicely – then one thing led to another. Why not use the “R” like a child does when imitating a motor sound? There’s really no better way to show how the performance can already be heard in the name.

Like a VIP at the Nürburgring

We approached the Type R community with the idea. Thankfully, we knew the target group well due to years of experience handling the Facebook communications of Honda Automobile Germany. As a result of regular interaction with users, we knew there was great interest in the Type R.
And so we ultimately asked the fans to join in. On the microsite “”, fans could make their own “rrrr” sound, imitating the sound of the motor as a group. And of course, there was something to win. 2 of a total of 10 VIP tickets for the big WTCC Racing weekend at Nürburgring.

The result

More than 560,000 social media users reached, over 150,000 video views – and excited fans and participants.