Zeroing in on the Civic 360° campaign

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Truly appealing

The new Civic Diesel was being launched in various markets in a Europe-wide campaign. A special twist was needed to adapt the campaign to the German market, which would solidify the campaign messaging and clearly address the “mirco-target groups”, which were identified according to interest.

“Opposites Attract” 

A car that polarises – and which merges seemingly opposing characteristics. The power of opposites made the new Civic something special. For the market launch of the new model, the European campaign combined two seemingly opposing characteristics: high tension and relaxation. Because opposites attract.  We wanted the campaign message to stand out from the usual motivators, and to present them in a surprising and witty manner according to the micro-target groups identified by our media agency colleagues.

All turned around

The tone was set according to which special interest magazines the adverts were placed in. “Start-up – Back-up” was used for the digital natives of Wired magazine. “Road Movie – Daily Soap” was used film freaks in the German magazine Cinema, and “Rock – Roll” struck the right chord in Rolling Stone and music express. “Seducer – Leader” was the pick for Playboy.