Strut your stuff with the Civic Tourer

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Strut your stuff

The Honda Civic Tourer is an automobile which, with its large storage room and many innovative features, just dares you to use it for any thinkable situation or use. For Honda, it offered a perfect opportunity to speak to the people it had not yet addressed.

Innovative features

With the Tourer, Honda created a car full of surprises. Its sporty appearance shields an unexpectedly large interior. The unique Magic Seats allow for a variety of configurations. And the boot capacity, depending on seating configuration, ranges from 624 to an impressive 1668 Iitres. Truly roomy, yet still boasting a powerful motor and a super sporty look.

Create experiences – share experiences

The countless ways to take advangage of its flexibility encourage you to experience the automobile from so many different angles. This product benefit let to the idea of inviting influential and creative bloggers to learn more about the car and to use it creatively while documenting the whole experience on their blogs.

Venture into new formats – in social media

On one microsite, we collected all the entries – from a blogger who decided to spend a night in the car to a travel journalist who helped a family with small children see the ocean for the first time. The range of entries fit perfectly with the motto “Strut your stuff”: daily observations, technical perspectives, creative ideas and travel reports let the car be seen from a variety of angles.

The result:

More than 800,000 social media users were reached. And a car opened itself up willingly and sympathetically to a whole new public.