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Financial freedom – unaffected by car purchase

When buying a new car, stress over financing options and the effects on one’s personal financial freedom is always a major factor. That stress can affect your willingness to buy a car loaded with extras or to get a higher-quality model.
With 3 Options Financing, Honda Bank offers a model that gives potential car buyers real choices, so they don’t have to forgo anything. Yet how do you explain the relatively complex ins and outs of financing to your target group? And that in the context of dealer showrooms where a whole different set of conditions reign?

3 Options for true added value

3 Options Financing from Honda Bank offers customers low rates, short and flexible validity periods as well as a high degree of financial freedom. The key here is that, after the contract expires, the customer has three options: return the car, further financing, or buy. It’s a financing model that really offers added value.
This model had to be explained as simply and concretely as possible and, at the dealership, it even had to encourage customers to make a purchase.

Zero in on the benefits

Of course, one can approach the topic of financing in a very serious manner. But then you lose the interest of the potential target group. We wanted to add a little lightness into the whole thing. Something a little more approachable. Something a little truer to life. A little friendlier.
So an animated story was developed in which a potential car buyer follows the “path” to a dream car. It included all the potential worries, but also the solution from Honda Bank and the possibilities it offers.


With the help of our partner for animation (explain-it), we developed the basic story and the storyboard which served as a basis for the creation of an animated video to explain 3 Options Financing.
The biggest challenge by far was the development for and implementation within dealer showrooms, because the film had to work on-site and without sound. The financing model had to apply to a car as well as motorcycle, but these couldn’t appear together in one film.
We ended up with 4 films, 2 with and 2 without sound, for the car and motorcycle areas.

The Result

The film was shown in a variety of show rooms and can be found, among other places, on the Honda Bank website.